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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

-Henry David Thoreau, Walden

It is one week before deer hunting (rifle) starts in North Carolina and we needed to get our stands ready.

It was a windy, cloudy, rainy day. Dad and I met my Grandpa at our hunting club on Saturday morning. We decided to take the 4-wheeler around the farm to check up on our deer stands. I checked each deer stand carefully for spiders, wasps, and old rotten wood that needed to be replaced.

We headed in early and checked up on our lunch that my Grandpa was cooking on the grill. It was BBQ chicken, slaw, rolls, and cold baked beans. I wasn't a big fan of the cold baked beans but over all I loved the food. The chicken however was AMAZING! It was a great meal.

Afterwards we took the 4-wheeler out to scout around and I almost ran into a gargantuan spider on its web. It was three times the size of the earth and was ready to eat my face off. Well, maybe not the size of the earth, but still ready to eat my face off. We then went to another part of the farm and set up our last deer stand. We added padding and carpet along with some new wood. We had a good rest of the day.

On Sunday we had my little sister with me. She loved the deer stand and was not afraid of heights. Her video is below.

Scouting our farm

North Carolina Deer Hunting