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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

-Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Dad and I packed our survival gear and headed out for a weekend of adventure of camping and hunting.  My mission was to take a whitetail buck.

Once we arrived at our bushcraft base camp I started a fire with my bow drill kit. I set up my Grand Trunk Ultralight hammock and tarp and placed my military modular sleeping bag (MMSS) inside. This was my camp set-up for this weekend!

Eureka ICS2000 One Man Combat Tent

I setup the Eureka ICS2000 tent for my Dad on this expedition.

 Campfire coffee is the best!

Later that evening we decided to cook up some good ol' sausages, and to go along with that, some campfire coffee. We let the fire die down to a bed of glowing coals and went to bed around 10 o'clock.

Moonlit night that reminded me of The Hobbit

A beautiful moon shining through the holly trees reminded me of The Hobbit.

A cold morning and hot coffee!

We woke up to freezing temperatures and found it hard to want to crawl out of our warm and cozy sleeping bags. Once out of our sleeping bags we quickly re-kindled our fire to warm ourselves, baked bannock bread and made campfire coffee.

Wonderful bannock bread

Our bannock bread turned out very nice!  It tasted great!

A trophy piece of heart pine fatwood

We had a good day hanging out around base camp gathering heart pine fatwood, building small debris shelters and tending to the fire until it was time to go to the deer stand.

Heading to the stand with my Ruger M77 25-06 and backpack

We drove to the deer stand and got seated early in the afternoon. We brought our backpacks up with us.

Keeping a lookout on the way to the stand

Time passed slowly. We saw two fawns (baby deer), a doe, and I was sure a buck was to follow. I was right.

I have the buck in my sights

An 8 pointer! So, I did as you might expect. I pulled the trigger and boom! I got him! My first buck!

My first whitetail buck!

I'm getting this one mounted for sure. I used the Ruger M77 25-06.

I loved the feelings that ran trough my heart when I saw him on the ground. I will remember that moment for the rest of my life!

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